The function of anti-tear conveyor belt and its little knowledge

Let's learn a little knowledge about anti-tear conveyor belt, hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The anti-tear conveyor belt, to put it bluntly, is the special steel wire rope conveyor belt product used on the bucket elevator. As the name suggests, he uses an excellent tear-proof galvanized steel wire rope instead of the traditional nylon canvas and polyester canvas and uses steel wire rope. Its wear resistance and service life are higher than that of ordinary canvas conveyor belts. Many, strong tear resistance. Compared with the nylon conveyor belt of the bucket elevator, the polyester conveyor belt is not only strong in tear resistance, but also more materials can be transported at a time, and the transportation distance is longer, which can greatly improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs. Bring tangible economic benefits to customers.


Each conveyor belt has its own relative characteristics, such as pattern conveyor belts and large inclination conveyor belts can solve the problem of material sliding. The tear-resistant conveyor belt is no exception.

Main features: 1. The conveyor belt adopts a special transverse reinforcement structure to increase the weft strength and effectively prevent the occurrence of tearing during the use of the conveyor belt. 2. The conveyor belt adopts cover rubber with excellent wear resistance and high tear resistance, which can more effectively protect the conveyor belt from damage and prolong the service life of the conveyor belt. 3. The belt has excellent elasticity, good groove shape, high interlayer bonding strength, and no delamination phenomenon occurs during use. 4. Excellent ozone and ultraviolet aging resistance.

Each conveyor belt related product has certain production standards and usage standards. Different industry standards are different. There are no rules and no rules. Generally, tear-resistant conveyor belts are widely used, and are used in coal mines, metallurgy, steel, chemical industries and other places .

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