Yihe Conveyor Belt Company employee broadcast gymnastics competition was successfully held

At 3:30 pm on August 25, with the exciting "Athletes' March" sounded, Yihe Conveyor Belt Company employee broadcast gymnastics competition kicked off in the production workshop. This competition is for Yihe Conveyor Belt Company to implement the deployment of Zao Mining Group and 800 million Rubber Company to carry out the "National Fitness Month" activity, with the theme of "I exercise, I am healthy, and I am happy", combining competition and fun , The purpose is to further enhance the health awareness of employees through the development of national fitness exercises, with a new mental outlook and full work enthusiasm, continue to overcome difficulties, unite and cooperate, and go all out to complete the annual mission goals.

Representatives of employees from marketing, warehousing, and production departments formed 8 teams to participate in the competition. Before the official start of the competition, a gymnastics team composed of managers from various departments performed. They were full of energy, neatly moved, and loud slogans, setting off the first climax of the competition.

The teams competed in the order of drawing lots. Accompanied by the youthful melody, their movements are neat and uniform, coordinated and stretched, fully demonstrating the good spirit of Yihe employees. A number of representative teams not only completed the required actions in the three quarters, but also took the initiative to add weights and completed the entire set of broadcast gymnastics performances, which won warm applause from the employees.

In the end, the core workshop team won the championship with a high score of 102.17. Yang Min, deputy general manager of Bayi Rubber Company, general manager of Yihe Conveyor Belt Company, Tang Peng, deputy chairman of the labor union of Bayi Rubber Company, and Niu Tianhai, secretary of the Conveyor Belt Party Branch, respectively awarded certificates of honor to the champion, runner-up and third runner-up of the competition.

In order to enhance the interactivity of the scene, during the gap between the competitions, the host selected employees on the spot to compete in multi-person rope skipping, golden rooster independence, and squatting horses. The majority of employees actively participated, and some company leaders also participated in the competition. In the competition, everyone experienced the joy of sports, health, and life, and strengthened their confidence in the improvement of a better life and the realization of high-quality development of the enterprise under the epidemic.

After the competition, the participants came to the fountain square to perform a group radio gymnastics performance and took a group photo.

Through the holding of the broadcast competition, it fully demonstrated the positive energy of the cadres and employees of Yihe Conveyor Belt Company in unity, cooperation, tenacity, courage to strive for the first, and health and progress. At the same time, it enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the workforce and inspired all cadres and employees to work harder Forge ahead, transform the spirit of unity, cooperation, and hard work to catch up with and become an inexhaustible driving force for entrepreneurship, and invest in the company's development with fuller enthusiasm and higher morale.

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